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The Dominican Republic makes up about two-thirds of the tropical island Hispaniola, sharing its borders with the Republic of Haiti. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, the Dominican Republic is set upon one of the most geographically diverse Caribbean island, boasting a range of landscapes from desert savannas to stretches of white sandy beaches. Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic, but English is also used in developed, tourist areas.

Playa Grande Golfer
Playa Grande Golf course

Recreational Activities

Beyond experiencing the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic, countless cultural and sports activities make this a country intriguing to all visitors and residents. The warm blue ocean waters and countless rivers and lagoons will beckon all water lovers, who will be certain to find their niche here. Laced with intact coral reefs, the coastlines are homes to brilliantly colored fish.

The coastlines are laced with intact coral reefs, which home brilliantly colored fish and opportunities to explore this underwater world. From jazz festivals to avid meringue and bachata discos, music enthusiasts enjoy discovering the sounds exclusive to this area.

Artists too appreciate the traditional Taino paintings and wood carvings, and colorful architecture abound. Outdoor adventures can find almost all sports available-swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, hiking, white-water rafting, canyoning, scuba diving, whale watching, golfing, canoeing, tennis, and horse-back riding.


Virtually perfect all year round, the Dominican Republic maintains an average high temperature of 80 F to 91 F (27 C to 33 C), with evenings and morning lows around 72 F (22 C). The mild humidity is softened with the northern tradewinds, which keeps the air flowing and fresh. Rainy season is traditionally in summer, although in the winter time one can expect short bursts of rain in the afternoons-most showers lasting only a few minutes and typically followed by warm sunshine.


Natural Beauty

Rich with diverse vegetation and terrain, the unspoiled Dominican Republic is a country for any nature enthusiast. This tropical island, with over 1,200 km of coastline, is inviting to any beach lover, offering stunning beaches to explore and ocean views to enjoy with the setting evening sun. Inland offers equally gorgeous landscape with rugged mountains, virgin rainforests and fertile valleys. Near the Samana Peninsula, ribbons of cloud forests lace through the tall pine forests along the towering mountainsides.

Playa Grande Beach
  The deserts of the southwest home a diverse collection of cacti, and throughout the country, many large and cave systems have been carved in the porous limestone rock, housing Taino cave paintings and former dwellings of the native people. Picturesque with palm trees reaching out to the ocean, lush mountains hugging the clouds, cascading waterfalls and vast valleys reaching to the horizon, this country bodes the ideal paradise.  


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